Making Passes At Girls With Glasses

I was in my 20’s before I heard the expression “Boys don’t make passes at girls with glasses.”  It was while I was “wishful make-uping” with a friend of mine prior to going out to a show (Pavement?). You know the routine: music blaring, clothes and shoes draped over…everything, and my already crowded vanity made even more chaotic with the addition of another girl.  

I went to put on my glasses after applying that extra coat of mascara when to my surprise my friend uttered the aforementioned phrase with a giggle.

My response? Sez You! I had never had a problem attracting boys, specky or no specky. Apparently I am not alone as the rest of the world seams to have really caught up.  

See for yourself. 

Santa Cow and Cool Christmas

Every year I am asked to make Christmas music compilations from a vast and somewhat sick personal stockpile of holiday music.  Having worked in the music industry for many years I amassed such gems as Rasta Reindeer, Jingle Bell Hustle by Wayne Newton and Santa Cow. I always try to vary up the artwork if cool artwork does not come with the music so here are a group visuals that will sparkly up any Holiday.  Enjoy them now, because they are coming down in 2013. Ok, these were supposed to come down, but people really seem to like ‘em. So they stay. Yeah, I buckle to peer pressure.